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WeFix – the leading supplier of reconditioned phones – can mend your smartphone, no matter how damaged it is, breathing new life into it, all thanks to our technical expertise in repairing electronic devices and because we always listen carefully to what our customers have to say.

Founded in 2012, WeFix pooh-poohs the idea of planned obsolescence for electronic devices. We offer our customers an expert repair service for their smartphones using high-quality spare parts – and always accompanied by a one-year warranty.
Our expert technicians will diagnose your problem in 20 minutes flat, offering you a practical solution that will last. From batteries to screens, charging connectors and other problems, WeFix has the right answer for you!
WeFix is always keen to keep its customers happy… which is why we also sell our own reconditioned smartphones in store and on our website – rigorously tested and checked in our expert centre.
What’s more, WeFix offers the following in store and on our website:

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