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Établissement Français du Sang Grand-Est

Since August 2020, Place des Halles is happy to welcome regularly the Etablissement Français du Sang Grand Est. Acte citoyen et solidaire, le don de sang est avant tout une expérience riche et forte qui place les donneurs et les receveurs au cœur d'une dynamique de partage.As an act of citizenship and solidarity, blood donation is above all a rich and powerful experience that places donors and recipients at the heart of a sharing dynamic.
Every year, thanks to blood donation, 1 million patients are treated! In 1 hour, you can save 3 lives: a woman who has lost a lot of blood in childbirth, a man suffering from cancer undergoing chemotherapy, or people suffering from chronic diseases such as sickle cell disease... So don't hesitate any longer, offer your blood, a civic act that only takes a few minutes of your time.

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