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Top Music

Top Music Live is an event organised by the local radio in the form of an evening of concerts by Top Music artists in the region’s biggest venues.

For several years, Place des Halles has been a partner of this event, which helps spread culture to a wide audience. It is accessible to all, free of charge, through various contests.

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Pôle Emploi

Four years ago, Place des Halles created the Forum de l’Emploi (Employment Forum) in partnership with Pôle Emploi: a giant job-dating event right in the shopping centre, over a single day. This event is aimed at anyone looking for a job or simply curious about current opportunities, with no prior registration required.

Each year, around thirty companies with over 100 openings attend the event to recruit outside traditional boundaries, in an original and more relaxed way.

A Pôle Emploi stand welcomes visitors and directs them to the various companies present, but also provides advice on drafting resumes or preparing for an interview.

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Parc Sainte-Croix

Located in a 120-hectare green setting, the Parc animalier de Sainte-Croix is a place to discover European fauna and biodiversity from around the world. Visitors can explore five distinct areas and observe over 1,500 animals from 100 species in semi-liberty!

For several years, Place des Halles has been organising quizzes in partnership with the Parc animalier de Sainte-Croix to offer visitors a unique opportunity to connect with nature for an enriching and memorable experience!

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Octop’us is an NGO based in Strasbourg that is involved in the protection of marine and aquatic ecosystems, from the smallest stream to the heart of the ocean.

The various missions carried out by the organisation meet three main objectives: to preserve, clean up and raise awareness, always in a fun and blame-free way.

In 2022 Place des Halles entered into a partnership with Octop’us, as part of the “En octobre, on s’engage” (In October, we’re committed) operation, most notably by broadcasting educational videos on coral and the recycling of hair into hydrocarbon filters, and by donating profits from the “Eco-art by Kholab” operation, an ecological fresco made of 150 recycled jeans, which were put on sale for a good cause.

Other projects will be carried out in partnership with Octop’us in the coming years.

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La Strasbourgeoise

Founded in 2010, La Strasbourgeoise is an event co-organised by the Association des Courses de Strasbourg Europe (ACSE) and the Office des Sports de Strasbourg in partnership with Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, as part of the Pink October campaign to inform and raise public awareness about breast cancer.

Every year, Place des Halles is a partner to this event and hosts various awareness-raising operations.

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Founded in 1996, Humanis is a collective of 70 associations involved in the field of solidarity. The associations that make up the collective are local branches of large NGOs as well as small and medium-sized solidarity associations. They carry out development projects in more than 40 countries and are involved in various sectors: health, education, agriculture, human rights, etc.

Based in Alsace, Humanis provides support and resources to international solidarity associations: support for solidarity projects, methodological and information tools, and organisation of events for the general public.

Humanis’ missions consist of federating associations and pooling resources, enhancing the value of individuals through a qualitative approach in terms of human relations, training and integration, as well as promoting social action with respect to human dignity.

For the past three years, Place des Halles has been one of the distribution points for the collective’s “Soupe étoilée” operation: four soups prepared by local starred chefs in an atmosphere of sharing and solidarity, with proceeds going to support Humanis’ solidarity projects.

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Europa Park

Europa-Park is one of the greatest amusement parks in the world: more than 100 attractions and shows, including 13 roller coasters, stunning settings with 15 European-themed and 3 fantasy-themed districts, and a single motto: “Escape. Have fun. Together!”.

Experience the famous Silver Star and Bluefire Megacoaster, Arthur, Pirates of Batavia, WODAN – Timburcoaster, Voletarium, Atlantica SuperSplash, Euro-Mir, Eurosat – CanCan Coaster, Pegasus, Vindjammer, and much more for a day of wonder and excitement.

The many attractions and shows for children will spark endless excitement and the 45 or so restaurants and themed bars are the guarantee of a delicious and memorable time!

Take a break in the panoramic trains and go on a quiet journey through the park’s scenery, and enjoy Europa-Park’s flagship shows that will delight, stun and bring laughs to young and old audience members alike.

Place des Halles has carried out several competitions in partnership with Europa-Park, offering visitors much more than just shopping: genuine moments of life!

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Le Relais Est

Le Relais Est collects, sorts and recovers second-hand textiles in Alsace and Franche Comté.

As a social economy structure, Le Relais Est is a Cooperative and Participative Company (SCOP) member of Emmaus France, whose aim is to create jobs in integration. The Relais Est employs 160 people, 40% of whom are on a pathway to integration.

As part of The Second Life operation, the clothes not taken back by the platform have been given to the Relais Est, 1150 kg of clothes have been recovered since the operation began in December 2021.

The collection of clothes can also be done via the white terminals “Le Relais Est” located on the public highway. To find the kiosk nearest you:

Thank you for your donations!


ASCE (Strasbourg Europe Running Association)

Place des Halles has been supporting the Run & Dance race by Caisse d’Epargne Alsace since 2017.

The race celebrates an Indian holiday, also known as the “Festival of Colours”, that marks the arrival of Spring. There are 2,000 participants, 5 km of courses and a great closing show organised by NRJ Extravadance!


Cinema in the heart of Strasbourg

In the heart of the city, the Vox cinema is above all a neighborhood cinema that is close to the people of Strasbourg.

Take advantage of it: the Vox cinema has been revamped!

Discover the new rooms and their comfortable club seats for a cosy and warm atmosphere, as well as the hall and the new café-bar “Le Mondrian” which combine modernity and iconic design! Come and quench your thirst while waiting for your movie, with family or friends!


Entreprendre Pour Apprendre Grand Est

Entreprendre Pour Apprendre Grand Est is a non-profit association whose goal is to help young people between the ages of 14 and 25 to reveal their potential, to themselves and to others, through the concrete and collective experience of entrepreneurship.

The association is developing the Mini-Entreprise® program, which is available in several different ways, depending on the age, the time available and the objectives to be reached within an educational framework. The mini-entrepreneurs each have a role and responsibilities in their company. They design, produce and market a product or service. They also take on the administrative and financial management.