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An eco-responsible approach

As a player in its urban ecosystem, Place des Halles provides eco-citizen equipment and supports causes that are dear to its heart.

An eco-responsible approach

For several years, Place des Halles has been involved in daily actions to help the environment.

Savings made since 2007:

200 million liters of water!

36 % of energy!

56 % of our waste is recycled!

We also have at your disposal, on the ground floor of the shopping center near the Auchan supermarket:

- 1 used battery collector: Since 1991, batteries are considered in Europe as hazardous waste. They contain toxic heavy metals that are harmful to the environment (Mercury, Nickel, Lead).
The battery collector is a step in the recycling process and therefore helps to preserve the environment and save raw materials.

- 1 container for glasses.