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Eco-responsible approach

As a key player in its urban ecosystem, Place des Halles is involved in energy-saving initiatives, making environmentally-friendly equipment available to visitors and supporting worthy causes.

Place des Halles & energy efficiency

For several years, Place des Halles has been involved in daily actions to help the environment.

Savings made since 2013:

water  !

energy for heating !

electricity !


In both summer and winter, Place des Halles is committed to its energy efficient approach, implementing a thorough action plan that includes:

The eco-citizen equipment of Place des Halles

We also have at your disposal, on the ground floor of the shopping center near the Auchan supermarket:

1 used battery collector

1 collector for metal, cardboard, plastic, paper

1 container for glasses

Place des Halles, marketing partner for the “Don de Chaleur” challenge

Don de Chaleur is an impact start-up that aims to help French households make sustainable changes to their energy consumption habits.With an application (“Don de Chaleur”) connected to their electricity meter, consumers are asked to take on daily and fun challenges, helping save energy while raising awareness around sustainability.

Thanks to these eco-actions, each kWh saved will not only help to reduce bills, but will also contribute to a solidarity fund to support various associations selected by the consumer, financed by partners such as energy suppliers or committed companies.
The aim? To propose a collective and positive response to the risks of energy shortages, to strengthen social ties and to have a concrete and massive impact on the environment.
As a marketing partner, Place des Halles encourages its customers to take part in this challenge, the first session of which runs until 31 March 2023!