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Sergent Major is a French company with one strongly held belief: children can fully blossom when they get to develop their imagination. That’s why we design original clothes and accessories, which are so many wonderful stories to invent, reinvent, play with and tell.


Since our beginnings, we’ve never stopped perfecting our know-how and adding the little details that we’re renowned for and that make every piece absolutely unique: our exclusive patterns, embroideries, patches and buttons are all designed to spark children’s imagination.

We know that childhood is a precious and very special time. That’s why all our designs are adapted to meet the needs of little ones and their parents, and why we create clothes, accessories and toys that follow them through all the big and little moments of childhood: from back-to-school to a walk in the park, from birthday parties to family pyjama nights, from summer holidays at the seaside to relentless snowball fights…

That’s also why we’re committed to encouraging children to learn how to read and write, to enable them to develop their imagination and invent their own stories, in particular with the Prix Plume, a literary prize for children from kindergarten to the end of primary school.

At Sergent Major, children are our primary source of inspiration.

For them, we are constantly re-imagining the very best products and services, for all the stories they are yet to experience and invent.

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