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Nature & Découvertes

What if there was a different way of living?
If you want a happy life, then live a life full of curiosity!

Nature & Découvertes is all about knowledge and discovery, and is designed for free and curious spirits who never stop wondering at the world. Nature & Découvertes offers a selection of amazing products that are not only beautiful and novel, but that are also packed with meaning and that tell a story. Nature’s treasures to help you take care of yourself, bags and essential accessories for going away, not to mention everything you need to create a friendly home, as well as local and seasonal flavours together with games and toys to help your children grow up independently… Our store guides are trained and well-informed, and they’ll pass on their know-how, happy to tell you all about our products. When it comes to services, Nature & Découvertes also has an educational goal, putting on “discovery” workshops in its stores and outdoor activities led by nature enthusiasts. Nature & Découvertes is keen to get to know our precious countryside better and to protect it – which is why our statutes provide for the creation of a foundation that receives one euro on each Club membership card: 1,700 projects have already been launched thanks to the EUR 9.7 million of funding provided by the foundation!

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Event Our priority: protect you

Our priority: protect you

Dear customers, The government's announcement, Friday, January 29, asks us to readjust following the request to close shopping centers of more than 20,000m² in order to fight against the spread of  Coronavirus Open businesses : Only the food shops (...)
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Event Extend the validity period of your gift cards!

Extend the validity period of your gift cards!

Extend the validity period of your gift cards! Everyone with an expired gift card between 1 February and the day the shopping centre reopens in full will be given one month to receive a new gift card From the date of the grand re-opening, you will have one (...)
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