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But, between those that smell like salted butter and that we remember with greediness when we think back to our holidays, and those that we would prefer to forget, fatty without being tasty, eaten in haste, there is a world!

The idea is simple: to sell crepes while respecting the Breton tradition and emphasizing the quality of the products.

Crêp’eat offers a new alternative to the eternal ham-butter. We offer complete and balanced menus, without forgetting the gourmets. The salted butter or Nutella crepes are served alongside the spinach diet cake. If the crepe is carefully prepared, the setting is not neglected. The shop gives pride of place to pure materials while remaining friendly.

Crêp’Eat, a touch of modernity and a lot of authenticity.

Quick preparation in front of the customer, impeccable hygiene, practicality and quality, such are the promises made by Crêp’Eat!

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Events and special offers

Your Place des Halles shopping centre is also the venue for dozens of events and special promotions. Make the most of the best opportunities!

Event Dressing Room !

Dressing Room !

Make room for the environmentally friendly walk-in wardrobe of the Place des Halles! 22 and 29 February : the collection  Sort through your cupboards and hand in your clothes, shoes and accessories(exept jewellery) for women, men and children, in our Eco (...)
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Event Immortalize your love!

Immortalize your love!

During the whole month of February, Make way for appointments in your Place des Halles shopping centre!  Come and immortalize your love from February 1st to 29th! Take a picture on a giant swing in front of a heavenly setting for a memory full of love! On (...)
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Event Music’Halles


Music'Halles, the new service that will allow you to do your shopping with your own soundtrack! Vote for your favorite music in the flow, this will be the next to air You will also have the opportunity to search the music you want to listen! Music'Halles (...)
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