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Octop’us is an NGO based in Strasbourg that is involved in the protection of marine and aquatic ecosystems, from the smallest stream to the heart of the ocean.

The various missions carried out by the organisation meet three main objectives: to preserve, clean up and raise awareness, always in a fun and blame-free way.

In 2022 Place des Halles entered into a partnership with Octop’us, as part of the “En octobre, on s’engage” (In October, we’re committed) operation, most notably by broadcasting educational videos on coral and the recycling of hair into hydrocarbon filters, and by donating profits from the “Eco-art by Kholab” operation, an ecological fresco made of 150 recycled jeans, which were put on sale for a good cause.

Other projects will be carried out in partnership with Octop’us in the coming years.

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