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Sephora has been a revolutionary distribution concept since it was first created, inventing a unique shopping experience that is always at the cutting edge of the latest trends. Its distinctive black-and-white stripes make Sephora instantly recognisable, and it offers its customers innovative products and services worldwide.

At Sephora, you can touch, try out and experiment just as you please. The freedom to experiment is central to the customer journey in store and online. The company’s mission could not be simpler: to provide an outstanding range of beauty products with Made In Sephora branded products as the guest star. And what do we offer customers?

Sephora is the fun place to find things out!
Beauty plays with conventions – which is something Sephora knows all about. As well as unexpected services, designer stores and a unique tone, our fearless label is never short of ideas that will make you sit up, with non-conformity very much part of our DNA.

Sephora’s unique shopping experience can now be found all over the world as well as on its online shopping sites.

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Music'Halles, the new service that will allow you to do your shopping with your own soundtrack! Vote for your favorite music in the flow, this will be the next to air You will also have the opportunity to search the music you want to listen! Music'Halles (...)
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