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Explore a world of flavour! Focusing on coffee, tea and chocolate, Coffea brings to life an infinite number of taste adventures! Our “flavour trailblazers” devise and make new foodie ideas every day just for you, and will pass on their enthusiasm to you. Uncover authentic tastes: Coffea has trust-based relationships around the world with a network of producers who share our demand for top-quality, fresh products. Coffea respects the rhythms of nature, supports responsible development and is environmentally friendly. This commitment is reflected in our harvesting and production methods, our packaging and the way our staff behave. Coffea reveals its secrets and recipes. You too can become a “flavour trailblazer”. Coffea: who are we? Coffea was founded in 1968 in Le Havre, where vessels laden with coffee from South America used to dock. Boasting around 60 outlets in France, Coffea is now France’s leading company specialising in coffee, tea, chocolate and gourmet gifts.

In our Les Comptoirs Coffea stores – a chain of 44 shops located across the whole of France – you can choose the following products:

– a wide selection of pure Arabica coffees, gourmet blends and outstanding pure origin coffees (Moka, Colombia, Costa Rica) – freshly roasted and ground on request
– an extensive range of nearly 100 teas (in bulk or pre-packaged) from the largest plantations in India, China and Ceylon
– a variety of fine French Salavin chocolates, made up of tasty ganaches and creamy pralines

You’ll also find items that are specific to our various lines: – Classic and cast-iron teapots
– Italian coffee-makers
– Espresso machines
– Numerous coffee, tea and lunch services

The entire store is at your disposal, with different blends available at your request, combining coffees, teas, chocolates and confectionery with delicate English crockery or from more far-off countries – either for your own use or to give someone as a present on various celebratory occasions (such as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween and Christmas).
See you soon in our store!

All credit cards accepted. Comptoirs Coffea: 51 stores across France
Comptoirs Coffea: rigorous selection, demanding quality, the art of making blends and the best of ourselves – all for your pleasure

All credit cards accepted