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PARFOIS is a Portuguese brand of women’s fashion accessories that sells items for fashionistas: handbags, jewelry, belts, shoes, sunglasses, luggage, scarves, hats and ready-to-wear items – all in a well-designed architectural setting.

Production, design, merchandising and communication are managed directly from PARFOIS’ headquarters in Portugal.

And the brand doesn’t forget the latest fashion trends either. Every collection reflects the daily inspirations of the style teams based in Porto and Barcelona.

All stores receive new items on a weekly basis, meaning that the collection is constantly being updated. In addition, the shop windows and merchandising are changed regularly to encourage our customers to visit us as often as possible.

PARFOIS now has a foothold in over 65 countries with more than 800 stores.

Events and special offers

Your Place des Halles shopping centre is also the venue for dozens of events and special promotions. Make the most of the best opportunities!

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Music'Halles, the new service that will allow you to do your shopping with your own soundtrack! Vote for your favorite music in the flow, this will be the next to air You will also have the opportunity to search the music you want to listen! Music'Halles (...)
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