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You will find the high panties for Catherine’s little belly, the cozy pajamas for the always getting cold Louise , the lace balconnet  for Roxanne’s small breasts, the plunge bra for the busty Claire , and the satiny, so sexy babydoll for Julia…

Darjeeling, that’s all at once: The brand for all women of the bra cup a to G.

The brand that for 25 years saw your babies growing and your little girls becoming young women, your body shaping according to life’s events. 

Darjeeling is also the corset making know-how of the Chantelle group, allowing us to create (but not only…) always comfortable underwear with an irreproachable quality.

It is a friendly team working every day to create a more ethical and responsible fashion, in order to move things forward in the right direction.

It is a community of always available and welcoming female advisors who really listen to what women need in our shops all over France but also online.  

In fact, at Darjeeling, we think that lingerie means  many intimate stories passed between women, from mother to daughter, from grandmother to little female cousin, from sister to sister. And we look forward to writing the next ones with you.

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Offer 50% off the 2nd item at Verbaudet!

50% off the 2nd item at Verbaudet!

From Wednesday 6 November to Tuesday 12 December 2019, take advantage of -50% off the 2nd article on all of Vertbaudet! Legal notice: Benefit from -50% on the 2nd item purchased from the Autumn-Winter 2019 collection (excluding: national brands and outlet) (...)
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Event Music’Halles


Music'Halles, the new service that will allow you to do your shopping with your own soundtrack! Vote for your favorite music in the flow, this will be the next to air You will also have the opportunity to search the music you want to listen! Music'Halles (...)
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